Used Car Warranty dandenong

12 Month warranty standard on purchase and up to a 5 year warranty is available with Australian wide coverage.


A used car warranty is indeed an effective way to protect you from the cost of repairing your used vehicle. It is a contract you make with a dealer that, in case your vehicle needs repair, the expense will be covered at little or no cost to you. Considering the highest cost of repair and replacement parts, it makes a great sense to have your used car covered by a warranty. Here at Drives, we provide a standard 12-month warranty and up to a 5 year warranty with Australian wide coverage.

What Does Our Warranty Cover?

Our used car warranties cover the most major vehicle components in case of mechanical breakdown and failure and they include transmission, heating &cooling equipment, drive train and other computerised equipment in your vehicle.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Used Car Warranty?

  • Cost Effective:

Today’s modern vehicles come with a lot of advanced feature. While this seems to be more exciting, the technological advancements come with added complexities and higher risk for breakdowns. With increasing auto repair cost, it is best to invest on a used car warranty to protect yourself against the costly repair.

  • Peace of Mind:

The inconvenience of unexpected breakdowns can cause stress and anxiety. Besides financial burden, you need to find someone to tow your vehicle. However, if you have our used car warranty, all you have to do is to dial our number. From roadside assistance to arranging a shuttle service, we take care of everything, ensuring your complete peace of mind.

  • Greater Car Value:

Buying a used vehicle can be risky. You can’t be sure how the car was treated. However, a car under warranty is usually well cared for. From oil changes to recommended maintenance, everything will be completed on time to keep the coverage valid.

Well, if you don’t want to experience the inconvenience of unnecessary breakdowns or don’t want to pay off the unexpected expenses, you can opt for our used car warranty.

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We offer a range of  National Warranty Company  Extended Warranties to suit your requirements and super-fast approvals on finance. It is worth the investment if you want to keep your car longer and save money. For more details, you can call us at 03 8759 1077.